The Drippings of Grace…

(re-post from July 2010)

To know what grace is and to experience it in one’s life is to know God!

Help from God is abundant and freely given, totally undeserved!

Envision, if you will, an unending supply of cleansing water supplied for your use,

Dripping all over you to clean, to refresh, to enliven, to restore, to bring back to life!

Recreating you for what you were intended to do and to be!

Interspersing God, Himself, into your life by the people, places and things that He allows to touch you.

Permitting the cleansing for your good and for your well being and, at the same time, providing the cure and restoration without asking of you. You couldn’t begin to pay, anyway.

Pardon is waiting; that, too, is part of this grace of which I speak.—pardon from sin and mercy to endure.

Insuring that you never have to hang your head in shame, He lifts up your head to see His face of love,

Never keeping a record of wrongs done to Him, if we accept His love gift – His Son!

Given, freely given, this grace is more than a gift; it is life itself,

Sent from God Himself for the good of His children and the building up of His people.

Open to God’s leading and trusting in His will for us, we need His grace!

Forgiven, we are, and grace is dripping over, around and through us that the world may know!!

God, in all His wisdom and love, has provided for His children,

Restoration and forgiveness are the methods that He uses to show His love; these, too, are a part of this grace of which I speak.

Alone we would be, dead in our sins if God, in His love, had not provided this amazing grace.

Close to Him, close to God is where I want to be, under the drippings of His grace that overflows from His heart to us.

Eternal is this gift, this grace gift, this expression of the heart of God. May the grace of God drip on us all as we live this life together.

The Path Continues…


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