Winter is the time to prune grapevines.

Pruning away dead branches helps the vine bear even more grapes.

Most fruit is produced on new growth.

The same principle applies to us.

Jesus said, “Every branch in Me…that bears fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit.” John 15: (NKJV)  Daymaker – Calendar 2012)

The Path Continues…


4 thoughts on “Pruning…

  1. Lloyd just pruned our Crepe Myrtle bush this morning. When he finished we both commented on how the remaining stump looks pretty now that all the dead branches have been removed. It made me think of those times Christ has pruned my life. I hope the painful process I endured resulted in the beauty of Christ showing through my life… perhaps that is what brings forth eternal fruit.

  2. God had me sitting in John 15 for over a year not too long ago. I love how the message terms abiding – Make yourself at home in his Love. When I pull away from the vine I sometimes wonder, why don’t I feel at home in his love right now? Sometimes it is guilt, sometimes it is exhaustion and sometimes it is because I am believing a lie… but at anytime I can always return to abiding by speaking out the Truth.

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