Microwave or Crock Pot?…

What is your standard operating procedure?

Do you tend to be like a microwave or a crock pot?

Do you get as much information as possible and then just push it in your mind and process quickly?

Or do you gather that same information and put it in your mind and then allow it to come together and simmer for a while and become a new entity with all the parts blended together?

Sometimes I’m the microwave, wanting stuff “fast.” I tend to make mistakes more often with this approach. (Personal opinion)

The best approach for me is the crock pot. When I can process slowly and allow all the information to have it’s say in the crock pot of decision making, I usually arrive at a good decision. Especially when I remember to allow my God and savior to be the stirring ingredient in the crock pot!

What are you? A microwave or a crock pot?

The Path Continues…


2 thoughts on “Microwave or Crock Pot?…

  1. Great analogy. Lord, help each of us to “simmer” our options before making decisions or before responding to a situation or person in the heat of the moment. God has the opportunity to speak to us during this time. Help us to listen.

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