A Prayer…

Dear Jesus, you have reminded me of the need to anchor my soul in a place of prayer, a place where we can come together to worship you.

Free us, dear Father, from our restless activity, our slavery to the clock, our habit of bobbing along on the open sea, when you have called us to be still.

We place into your loving care our families, our friends and our future. Care for them with a care that we could never give them.

O Lord hear the cry of  the defenseless, the people who are defeated by life, the children who have no food to eat, the homeless who have no place to sleep, this who are abused and beaten down by life. O Lord for Jesus’ sake hear their cry.

O Lord, my God, form us more fully into your likeness. Use the circumstances and the interactions of this day to form your will in us.

From the frustrations of the day form peace…

From the joys of the day form strength…

From the struggles of the day form courage…

From the beauties of the day form love…

In the name of Jesus Christ who is all peace and strength and courage and love, I pray.  Amen.

(From selected prayers in “Prayers From the Heart” by Richard Foster, 1994)

The Path Continues…

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