I AM…Be Not Afraid…

(A Prayer)

Bountiful and beautiful Father, Savior and Friend,

Enter into us this morning to embolden our worship and praise as we seek Your courage to live these days.

Never forsaking us in the midst of whatever storm we find ourselves, help us to hear You say, “I AM…Be Not Afraid.”

Open our eyes to see You in every situation as You come walking toward us extending Your hand to save us.

Take us from where we are to the shore of where You want us to be, Father. We easily lose out way when we don’t expect You!

Allow Your Spirit to reach deep within us to cleanse, to renew and to refresh our souls as we seek You today.

Free us from our selfishness, Father, as we would often want You to be something that You are not, just for us.

Remind us, O Lord, that You love all of Your creations, not just those that are like us. Help us to see how big You really are, Lord.

Assure us, again, of Your presence, Father. We are so forgetful and we are so un-expecting of seeing you that we forget to search for You in the faces of those we meet and in the circumstances of daily life.

Instill in us a genuine trust in You, Father. A trust that will always know that You have what is best for us in Your will in every situation that may come our way.  Sometime we’re not sure of that and we wonder. Help our wondering to short-lived, O Father.

Diffuse our wanting to lean on our own strength and our pushing ahead of You, Father. May we learn to lean into Your strength and patience. May we know the “I AM” and not be afraid of what this day brings!

         In the Name of the “I AM,” we pray.  Amen!

The Path Continues…


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