Calmness of Soul…

Coming apart from the rat-race we call life with all its sorrows, disappointments, and surprises, we seek a time of less confusion, a calmness, if you will.

Attempting to find a place where we can know what is happening and why it is happening, we find ourselves wondering and wandering a lot.

Looking for answers and finding none that satisfy, we become afraid for whatever reason. Fear grips us when we don’t know the whys and what-fors of life.

Most will disagree with me about the fear, but having been there and beyond on several occasions, I can attest that fear is a real part of our reactions to not knowing.

New ways of seeking for answers can take over our lives. Some try diversions such as drugs, withdrawal from everyday life, withdrawal from friends and family or some go the opposite way and seek all kinds of friends and “things” to fill the void and fear of not finding answers to life’s questions.

Embracing the world’s view that if I don’t admit my fears of not knowing the answers of the unknown , it won’t matter, only serves to deepen our confusion and distractedness.

Sacrificing the very calmness we seek, we go off on tangents and wild rabbit chases in our search for the answers for real calmness and inner peace.

Saying, “If I can just know the answer to my question, everything will be calm,” we express that it is really about us instead of the answer we seek. It becomes our need to know instead of the answer we seek.

Oh, did I say that? Did I dare to lay the blame for our confusion and discontentment at our own feet? Why would I do such a harsh thing? Did I just make us feel worse?

Face to face with ourselves is not a pleasant thing when we are searching for answers. It’s like the difference between “happiness” and “joy”: one is a matter of circumstances and the other is a way of living in the circumstances of life.

Some know where the ultimate answers to the lack of calmness lies. For me, and for all who call themselves Christian, the answer lies not in ourselves and our ability to know the answers to life’s problems and questions, but it lies in the one who calls himself the I AM, even Jesus, the Christ.

Out of his words, “I AM…do not be afraid”, we draw the calmness we seek. “I AM” is a verb that God, Himself, says is his name. “I AM-always have been, always am now, always will be,” accepting that, I am calm!

Using that assurance of his presence as my source of calmness, peace and strength, I can live with life’s inconsistencies and the questions that seemingly have no answers without diving into confusion and self-depression.

Love, the love of the “I AM,” can and does provide the calmness of soul we all seek. Some know the “I AM” personally and live out of that relationship. Some are on the journey and are in the process of finding that calmness he gives. He says to each who will seek his calmness, “I AM” do not be afraid of the unknown!

The Path Continues…


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