“I AM…The Gate”…

(A Prayer)

 In the mercy only You, our heavenly Father can extend, we come into this place to worship You and to come closer to You than we’ve ever been before.

Attune our hearts, minds, souls and bodies to You, Father. We seek the peace that passes our understanding as we wait before you now.

Move us, Father, from our self-sufficiency, that attitude of ours that says we can provide all that we need and want without entering into You through Jesus Christ, Your Son.

Take us from where we are now to the safety of Your will for us. We long to be kept from the thieves and robbers of this world who steal more than just possessions.

Hear us, Father, as we sing to Your heart of hearts in words that we can’t even form with our minds.  We love You, Lord, that’s the best we can say.

Enter into our worship, Father, to hear our praise and smell our savor as we pray the best we know how. We lean on You, Holy Spirit, to interpret and fill our praise full.

Grateful, we are, Father, that You provide the way to enter into YOU. Your Son has told us that He is the gate that we enter in to be with You. Thank you, Father, for making a way for us.

Affix the sound of Your voice in our minds and hearts so that we may know the sound of You in all situations that we find ourselves.

Take us into Your fold, O God! We know that once there, we have that comfort, peace and understanding that we so earnestly seek.

Encircle us, Father, with the walls of Your power to keep us from those who would rob and steal from us and take us from Your care. May our love for You smell sweet to Your nostrils as we enter into worship today and every day.

We love You, Lord, the I AM.  Amen!

 The Path Continues…


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