The Good Shepherd…

To You, O God, we bring our praise and thanksgiving as we read Your word today.

Hearing You speak from Your word renews our strength and calms our fears.

Eternal in Your word, we hear You call us Your sheep and we acknowledge You as the Shepherd.

Glad we are that You know each one of us personally and intimately and yet You still love us enough to shepherd us.

Open our minds to You again today, Father, that we may learn more of You and become more of You as we walk these paths together.

Oversee our steps as a shepherd would guard the steps of his sheep to provide nourishment, comfort and rest.

Defend us from the robbers and thieves who would break into our lives to steal, to disrupt and to kill our souls, minds and bodies.

Sacred are our memories of Your tender care for us, Father. We love You not only for what You have done for us, but more for who You are: the I AM, The Good Shepherd!

Help us to take You to those in our path today as we live our lives before them and as You bring them to us.

Exchange our sinful attitudes for Your sinless love as You enliven our souls in forgiveness.

Peel away the layers of our sinful defenses as we seek to be more like You today, Father.

High above us, You are, Father, yet, You bend down and reach for us to lift up our heads as You seek us and bid us come to You.

Edit our lives, creator of life, as a teacher would edit a paper to blot out the wrong and to approve the right.

Recover us from the paths that we have walked that were not Your paths. Allow us to enter again into the sheepfold of Your grace and forgiveness.

Distinguish, in us, O, Lord, the difference between this world’s voice and Your voice. We have heard Your voice in Your word and in Your Spirit yearning for us. Help us to remember that sound. We love You, Father. We long to hear Your voice again in this dry and weary land.

Thank you…the I AM…the Good Shepherd!  Amen

The Path Continues…


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