Ears of our Heart…

“A starting point for hearing God’s invitation to action is learning to listen with the ears of our heart.”

“Words from the media, colleagues , and our mailboxes bombard us; an endless number of billboards assaults us along out highways.”

“Sometimes we pay attention to what is spoken from the pulpit, but often our worship services are so busy and full of words that hey have little effect.”

“We need to give some time simply to being in the presence of the created universe with no other purpose that to attend to what is there.”

“Listening to the voice of nature will help us attune ourselves to the words of God spoken in the silence to the deep places of our being.”

Elizabeth Canham

Listening with the ears of our heart is not an easy thing to do, even in worship. We need to meet together as Jesus commanded, but we are sometimes so busy in our “meeting” we cannot hear God as he whispers to us in the midst of the busyness of our worship. Lord help us to listen, yes, even in our worship and praising You.  May we hear God speak in our worship as well as in nature.

Read 1 Kings 19:9-13.  This the story of God appearing to Elijah as he has fled to Horeb after the miracle of Mt Carmel. Especially read verse 12.  It really speaks to us trying to hear God in all the confusion of this world, yes even in our worship times, when he come to us in a gentle “whisper.”

 I wonder, do we have hearts that have ears to hear?

The Path Continues…


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