The True Vine…

(an acrostic prayer)

Tender, merciful Jesus, creator and the “I AM” of our very lives,

Hear us today as we lift up our voices in prayer and praise to seek You with all we are and all we hope to be.

Enthuse us with the real meaning of Your word as we study it today and allow Your Holy Spirit to interpret You to us.

Take us from the superficial reading of Your word into a deep appreciation and understanding of Your love for us as You speak.

Revive us as we long to abide in You and draw our life from You and You alone.

Unite us with Your Spirit as You tell us that You are the true vine and we are Your branches.

Encourage us, Father as we sometimes need to feel You pruning us of the excesses that we have allowed to grow in us, the branches.

Verbify us, Lord. Help us to be verbs of action for You and You alone. You tell us in Your word that we can accomplish nothing without You. So, we ask that You verbify us for You, Father.

Instill in us the true meaning of abiding in You, Father.

Negate our prideful attitudes that tend to take us away from being in You. Take us into Your very bosom of love, to abide, in You.

Engage us in the practice of the “Holy,” Father. May we be more like You for having spent this time with You and for having heard You speak to us today.

In the Name of the “True Vine,” we pray. Amen!

 The Path Continues…


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