Resonating with the truth of the resurrection of Jesus, I find myself eagerly awaiting the time when “I know as I am known.”

Earnestly seeking the peace that the truth of the resurrection brings, I am somewhat like Martha at the resurrection of her brother Lazarus,

Sure of the resurrection at the end of time but sometimes wondering about the claim of Jesus when he says, “ I AM The Resurrection and The Life.”

Unsure of all that claims means, I simply trust the one who claimed it. He asked Martha, “Do You Believe?”  I answer, “Yes!”

Reflecting on what it means to, “believe” the words of Jesus to Martha, I find words like “trust”, “faith” and, yes, “hope”!

Referencing the other “I AM” claims of Jesus, I find reassurance that He is who He says He is!

Extemporaneously, joy floods my mind and my being as I celebrate, yes celebrate, the truth of His resurrection and the life Jesus offers to me.

Calming is the effect that this truth has on me as the world presents death on every hand in stark contrast to “resurrection and life” from Jesus.

Temporary is this life we live on this earth, but Jesus offers a permanence in His words of “resurrection and life” with Him in eternity.

Identification with Jesus while here on earth is the least I can do for all that He is doing for me as “the resurrection and life.”

Offering myself in belief and trust to Him is not the end, however. I find myself wanting to share this joy of  “the resurrection and the life” with others that come into my path.

Naïve, I would be to think that everyone would believe as Jesus asks, but that is never a reason to not share “the resurrection and the life.”

He Is Risen…He Is Risen Indeed !!

The Path Continues…

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