In The Meantime…

In the meantime is a way of speaking about the present time we live in, as opposed to yesterday or tomorrow.

New “stuff” appears daily for us to deal with while we live in this meantime space of life.

There exists a need for a helper as we live in this “in between time” or “meantime” to get us through today.

Help is a difficult thing to accept for those of us who think we can handle everything that comes our way by ourselves. Something tells me there is a little pride in that statement.

Eternity awaits and yesterday is gone, so what do we do in the meantime?  We have all proven that we can’t do “it” on our own in days past, so where do we turn to find that “helper?”

Meantime living needs to recognize that it needs a helper beyond that friend or even family member that suggests that they will help. I suggest an eternal Helper, the same one Jesus Christ promised to His disciples.

Eternity waits, but for those who have asked Jesus Christ into their lives as Lord and Savior, there is the “Helper” that He promised to help us live in this meantime.

Always there, or here, to provide the necessary help to do whatever God has asked us to do, He is the enabling agent of God. God never asks a child of His to do anything that He doesn’t provide the necessary wherewithal to accomplish it.

Never forgetting to be in us, with us, and act through us: this helper is the very Spirit of God, the essence of Jesus, Himself.

This helper is a person with whom we have a personal relationship. This Helper is not an “it.” He is not a “thing.” He is a personal helper to all who believe in Jesus Christ.

In this meantime, we search for all kinds of things to help us. Maybe what we should look for is a relationship with this person of the Holy Spirit.

Maybe, just maybe, we would find living in this meantime to be a rewarding experience if we live it in relationship with Him.

Eternity is waiting, and yesterday is not coming again. In this meantime space, who is your Helper? Wouldn’t you ask Jesus to send His Spirit to live in and through you to make this “meantime” a preview of eternal time? Living in the meantime can be an exciting time. The question is: “how are you living in the meantime?”

The Path Continues…


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