Legacy Living…


Living in this world of too much stuff and not enough real character, commitment and convictions,

Easy it is to become extremely selfish and not care or be concerned with the legacy that we are leaving for the generations that will follow our footsteps.

Getting the most toys, in any way and in every way, seems to be the main thrust of our living these days.

Abject selfishness occupies many of our waking hours. Imagine what that says to those who will come behind. We don’t care!

Calculating, cunning efforts to get for me and mine, I am afraid, will be a large part of the legacy we leave.

You have to wonder what the next generations will look like if this is the legacy we leave for them.

Looking at this world as to what it owes us is no way to live if we want to leave a different legacy than most.

Instant gratification, as a way of life, will foreshadow that a selfish generation will follow. Our behavior has an enormous impact on the generation to follow. Yes, it does and you know it!

Visions of “sugar plums” will not enable those who follow us to grasp the height, depth and width of what it takes to live in a different legacy-leaving way.

Imaginary, conjured up integrity will go “poof” as the next generation puts our legacies under the microscope of everyday living.

Necessary transparency in how we talk, and then how we live that talk, is needed in order that those who follow will have a legacy from us that will prove useful in everyday life.

God has instructed us: “tell your children in the years to come and let them tell their children. Pass the story down from generation to generation.”  What story, what legacy, will they tell?

The Path Continues…


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