Determined to seek your washing over us, O Lord, we have come to seek your face today.

Introspective, we are, as we examine our lives and know that we are far from what you created us to become, O God.

Seeking your forgiveness of our sins, we bow, humbly bow, in your presence just now.

Concern for others is also a motive for our praying, O God.  We would be asking for others to be lifted up, those who are ill, those who are grieving and need your comfort today.

Enter into our hearts again this day, O God, to cleanse us from all unrighteousness and renew right spirits within us.

Remember our sins no more; return us to your way with your Holy Spirit’s leading.

Nearer, still nearer, O God, we want to be nearer to you; we confess we have been too near the world this week.

Instill in us, O God, the faith that calms our fears, the hope that gives us  encouragement and the awareness of your love and presence that gives us peace.

Never allow us to be overcome with evil, O God; draw us back from our arrogant self-confidence to your humble ways.

Grant your Spirit to wash over us to clean, to renew, to remake us, O Lord, in your image today as we come to you in spirit and in truth.  Help us to allow your Spirit to guide our discernment of your will for our lives each day, O God.  Amen!

The Path Continues…


3 thoughts on “Discerning….

  1. I have just arrived at the Colorado Christian Writer’s Conference and had a moment to read your post Hammond. What a good word for me as I enter this time of connecting with other writers, receiving instruction from professionals in the business, and hearing many many words on what I “should” do. I must always sit before the Father and ask Him to make it clear to me HIS way. Discernment is essential when surrounded by so many Godly Christians, all seeking to do His will, yet giving me overwhelming amounts of information. I lay at HIS feet and listen today.

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