Trinitarily Speaking…


Three in one; each one, all three; yet, each distinctive!

Revealed in distinctive ways, yet all involved and interested in you and me!

Intrinsically, all three are God to us as they each bring a sense of the Godhead to us.

Nearer to God as Father, Son and Spirit, we are as we speak trinitarily.

Interest in God provides this speaking as we see Him in all of His distinctions.

Together, all three, for they are one!

Added together they are more than the sum of the three for in the three there is totality, everything!

Response by us to this truth, trinitarily speaking, is to acknowledge that God is God and we are not.

Involved, God is involved in every area of our lives and is present in every distinction of His being.

Love provides the answer to: “Why?”

You and I are the objects of this love, in all of its presentations and realizations.

Speaking to us, we find all three persons of God’s identity personally involved in and through us.

Providing guidance, correction, instruction, presence and patience, God, trinitarily speaking, is for us!

Enlivened by this knowledge, we live our lives in the grace that is God, trinitarily speaking.

Acknowledging God as three in one is a powerful witness to this world in which we live today.

Knowing God as Father, Son and Spirit involves us in all of mankind and its burdens and joys.

I cannot look at another person and not know that God in His wisdom created that person and He loves them as He loves me.

Newness enters into us as we allow God to be God, trinitarily speaking, in all of life.

Given of God, by God, for us—what better gift to receive that to accept God for who He is – trinitarily speaking!

The Path Continues…


3 thoughts on “Trinitarily Speaking…

  1. My favorite phrase here is that God is God, and we are not. God is so awesome to reveal Himself to us in the trinity. I thank Him for His fathomless love and patience. Thanks for reminding us how wonderful He is.

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