Fathomless Love?…

Fathomless—to not be able to understand, comprehend or penetrate the truth of something…Love—the passionate affection for a person; a strong predilection or liking for anything—a deep and enduring emotional regard, usually for another person.

Admittedly, understanding the concept of love is difficult to fathom, but knowing the Author of love, the One who is love, He can be fathomed.

This author-creator of love is God Himself. He says in His Word: “He is love.” In order to fathom love, we must first fathom Him.

He is fathomable in His Son, Jesus, who said, “If you know me, you know the Father”—the ultimate fathomable love!

Opposite from fathomless, this love is just waiting for our acceptance; it is a gift. So, in a sense, it is fathomless in that it is a gift offered without any thought of receiving anything in return. We have a tough time understanding that concept, at times.

Mental comprehension of such a gift is hard to process as we are always looking for a reason why someone would give us a gift instead of accepting the gift as it was given.

Looking for “hidden agendas,” we reduce the gift to something that is about “us” and not about the giver. How very sad!

Eternal love, the gift of God, is not often in our vocabulary since we are preoccupied with ourselves. We have a difficult time believing that this love is a free gift since we seldom give a gift without wanting something in return.

Sensing something different in this love, we seek to fathom how it could be “real.”

Seeing it emanating from others who claim to know God through His Son, we begin the fathoming process. “May we have the power to fathom how wide, how long, how high, and how deep God’s love is.” (Ephesians 3:18)

Love, at its root, is more than an emotion, a predilection or liking. It is a relationship.

Over-arching all of the “stuff” of love is a person, God Himself.

Verified by His actions, this love is seen and known in His Son and His Spirit.

Enough to fathom? Is it fathomless? I think not, for God came to us in the form of a man, His Son. This love relationship is sustained by His Spirit.  This love is fathomable as He lives in and through us, individually!

The Path Continues…


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