To some, a depressing thing. to others, a welcomed change.

To still others, a chance to hide the pain–tears are hard to distinguish from rain.

To still others, a blessing from God–God’s sprinkler system–so to speak.

To still others, a troublesome reminder of rough times–floods and disasters are hard to forget.

To still others, a livelihood—farmers and others depend on the liquid.

To Me, a time to remember–those days on the farm when we couldn’t work in the fields. We’d repair things, or go to town–those were special days.

To Me, it means cleansing. The air is washed and the world is somehow better after the rain is over– not unlike a person feels after a good cry–at least somewhat.

To Me, cause to realize that I’m not in control of everything–I can’t make it rain, or stop raining, for that matter. I’m not to worry about that–I don’t have to be responsible for it.

To Me, it brings memories of special people that I have gone through “Rainy” time with—the dying friends, the old friends, and the new friends.

To Me, it says that God still moves–He still loves– He sends the rain on who He will; the just and the unjust–Thank you Lord–May I be more just than unjust.

To Me, it is a welcomed friend–why?–because it causes me to think–it causes me to reflect—it causes me to thank God for all His remembrances of me.

Th Path Continues…


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