Reservoir of the Heart…

(A Prayer)

Returning to You, O God, we come to worship and adore you.

Every part of our being longs for You, Father.

See our intent today, an intention to love you more.

Enliven our very hearts today with a renewed passion for you.

Remove our sin, O God, as we confess to you, and forgive us.

Void our selfish minds and willful hearts and fill them with more of You today, Father.

Open our ears to hear Your word in new, fresh tones as we worship.

Instill in us a greater “want to” to do Your word.

Refresh our spirits for we come from a weary land that does not know You, Father.

Over and above the world, we seek You today.

Find us faithful, O God, as we pass our faith along day by day.

The needs are great, O Lord, for our being and doing today.

Help us to see and know Your will.

Enlarge the reservoir of our hearts as we learn of You, O Father.

Hope, our Hope is in You, O God.

Empty us of pride, injustice, and arrogance.

Attune us to You!

Renew us in every way, that our hearts may be like Your heart.

Take our very lives, Father, as we offer them to You in worship, praise and adoration today. Amen!

The Path Continues…


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