Thirty Years…

Thirty years, doesn’t sounds too long when you just say the words. Maybe a little further explanation is needed.  Thirty years is equal to the following:

 10, 958 days

 946, 771, 200 seconds

 15, 779, 520 minutes

 262, 992 hours

 1565 weeks, give or take a week.

 Sounds a lot longer than 30 years, right?

I’ve been privileged to be at the First Baptist Church of Springfield, Virginia for the past 30 years, today.  God, through His church here at Springfield, called me to be the Minister of Education and Administration in 1982.  We moved to Springfield on July 16, 1982.  My wife, Connie and our daughter, Elizabeth moved into the church-owned house on Hanover Ave. Brian, our son, was born in February of 1984. We purchased the house from the church in these later years, but we are living in the same place as we did when we were called to Springfield.

God has blessed us by keeping us in this community of believers all this time.  We have grown and watched as others have grown in these years. Titles have changed but not the call to ministry.  Being the Minister of Discipleship and Congregational Ministries is still the call to ministry with His people here in Springfield.

Thirty years, yes, it seems like a long time in some ways, but in other ways, it only seems like yesterday that we were called to come here. I thank God every day for His blessings and His leadership in this place.

Thirty years- a blessing! I’m looking forward to the years ahead!!

The Path Continues...


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