The Stark Black of the Wet Bark of an Oak Tree…

The stark black of the wet bark of an oak tree whose leaves were blown away last night in the wind and the rain struck me this morning as I arrived at work.

It was a stark contrast to just a few mornings ago when the same tree was covered in bright green leaves and the bark seemed much more alive than today.

I wonder what I’m to glean from that observation this morning. It could say something like, “Carpe Diem”, seize the day, because the days are short now when you are like the green leaves, but soon the rain and winds of life come and you are bare before the world.

It could say that once the exterior frills are torn away there is a new beauty that is revealed in the wet bark and the empty limbs.

It could say be grateful that God is the one who looks on the inward and not the outward.

I wonder and I ponder.

Wondering and pondering seem to take up a lot of room in life these days. I suppose pondering the stark black of the wet bark of an oak tree seems silly to some, but God has a way of slowing us down to see what He wants us to see and to get His point across.

Sometimes we rush by what He wants to show us, but He usually, at least in my experience, brings us back to what He wants us to see. Maybe down a different road that has the same view at the end of it. Maybe a different person says the same thing in a different tone.  He has His way of showing us our own “stark, black, wet bark.”

God, Himself, to help me pause to see Him at work even in the seemingly transparent view that I have every morning, used the stark black of the wet bark of an oak tree.

What is your stark black, wet bark today?

The Path Continues…


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