Calmed into Quietness…

Eagle Photo-Mason Neck, VA-Jim Wallen

(As the New Year approaches, may we seek His quietness and Calmness in our lives…)

Calming like the calming of a child who has a physical hurt,

Assuring like the assurance of a father to his child after the child has done something he was told not to do,

Loving like a mother loving a new born baby and holding him close to her breast,

More than all of these is the calming, assuring love of God the Father to His children, us.

Extreme calming from our God when we are so frazzled or anxious or fearful is this ultimate calm.

Delighted is He when we allow Him to calm us into quietness.

Intuitively God is there when we scream in pain or fear or frustration.

Never alone are the least of His children!

Touched by His Spirit, we are calmed beyond description.

Out of that touch we are calmed into quietness.

Quintessential encouragement from the love that calms, results in quietness.

Undeserving though we are, as His Children, we are lavishly loved into this quietness.

Instinctively we seek calmness particularly in times of stress, but we don’t realize that his calm quietness is there all the time.

Entrance into this calmness is as natural as turning to someone who loves you and is joyful that you came.

Timid as a child at first, but then with child-like exuberance we run to meet our friend, our Father, our God.

New feelings of calmness and quietness flood over our minds and our very souls.

Expressions of love become a natural part of our relationship with our Father.

Saved from our “un-calmness” and “un-quietness” we are able to hear and to feel.

Sent from God Himself is this calmness that quiets.


The Path Continues…


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