In The Midst…

Sunrise over snow

Iridescent is the feeling I find when I am “graced” by God in the midst of life;

Never forsaken when in the midst of whatever life throws my way. God is!

To know that He has “borne my griefs and carried my sorrows” helps me when I’m in the midst of them here on this earth.

He has been there, and here, and knows what I am feeling, knows my doubts and fears, and has already “made a way of escape” if I will follow.

Eternal is His plan for me, “plans for a future and a hope;” He has told me in His love letter to me.

My response should be to gladly accept this gift; many times I refuse to remember that He has already been there and has made a way.

I, such a small word, but it gets in the way of my responding to His gracious gift with humility, as I should.

Determined to be “in control,” I sometimes miss the beautiful gifts that await me in the midst, as I seek my own solution instead of accepting His gift.

Security is waiting at the acceptance of His grace gift, no matter where we are in the midst, whether pain or sorrow, grief or joy.

Turning away from me and turning to Him “in the midst” of life, brings peace and joy and comfort and love, such as we have never known before in life.

The Path Continues…


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