“Follow Me…”

Lady Walking on Railroad trackFather God, Holy Father, Father of us all, we seek Your face as we fall before You to praise and worship You.

Only in Your presence do we truly know who we are as we answer Your call to follow You and serve You.

Lead us, O God, as we try to answer Your question, “Do you love me?” Help us to answer that question today and everyday that we have life to live.

Let us see You walking by the seas of our lives, Father, as You beckon us to come and eat and fellowship with You. You have prepared a feast for each of us, if we will but come and follow.

Open our eyes, Lord, to see where You are leading and to whom we are to go to share You. Help us to see where You are already at work and where You bid us to come and share in Your kingdom’s work.

Withdraw the scales that cover our eyes and the hardness that affects our hearts as we look on this world in which You have called us to follow You and to serve You and Your children everywhere.

Move us, Father, from our comfortableness into the areas of Your call to serve that make us uncomfortable and reassure us that You are there with us…”even unto the end of the age.”

Eternal Father, Holy God, accept our worship today and our sincere seeking Your forgiveness and help us to answer Your question “do you love me,” with a humble and bold “Yes.” Move us forward as we follow You.

The Path Continues… 


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