Words from the Clay…

Potter's wheel photo

Wondrous God, dearest Father, Creator of all life, we come to worship you today in the beauty of Your Holiness.

Out of the multi-sensory, overcrowded, noisy world that we are all too familiar, we come to find your words in the certain stillness of Your love for us.

Remove our constant desire to be the center of our busy world and to be seen as the center of the center. Our pride, dear Father, drives us to be known here as the ones who know.

Devoid, we are Lord, of the sense of Your presence because we are so enamored with our own sense of importance. We block our sense of You with our sense of us.

Save us from ourselves, Lord. We know you are in the remaking business as You took the clay that became deformed in Your hands and made it into a new, useful, purposeful vessel.

Form us anew, Father, as we have caused our personal clay to be deformed in Your hands. We have the freedom to choose as we chose wrong in so many instances. Forgive us our foolish ways!

Remind us, O God, that You are the potter and we are the clay. We sometimes think that it’s the other war around and we try to mold You into our image!

Open our hearts to You and overcome our lack of the realization of Your will and purpose for our lives. Remold us, Lord into Your purposeful usefulness.

Move us along the path You have chosen for us and use us according to Your will.

Take us from our pride that keeps us in a broken, collapsed state into the newness and wholeness only You can give.

Hold us fast to Your side, Father and do not throw us onto the trash heap of broken, un-repented souls.

Empty our clay of the air bubbles that cause us to break under the fire of sorrow and sin in everyday life. Make us pure clay for Your molding!

Clean us from the impurities that we have allowed to gather so that we are remakeable into people who are usable by You.

Lean into us, Lord! We want to be vessels that are refined by the fire of Your will lived out in our daily lives.

Allow Your hands to wrap around us as the potter’s hands surround and mold the clay.

You, Father and God, are our only hope for renewing, remolding and refashioning us into people who may be known as Your children. Thank you, Father, for Your personal touch on each of our lives!

The Path Continues…


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