Thorns for Grace…

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To the Almighty God, Father of all creation, Savior of all who call on the name of His Son, we come acknowledging You are God and we are not!

Heighten our awareness of the love, Your love, that is takes to be able to be grace as well as judge.

Open our hearts, first of all, and then our minds to know that the grace You give is a free gift. Help us to know that a gift is still a gift even if refused. O God, move us closer to Your heart as we ponder Your truth of the gift.

Revive us, O Lord, even as the Psalmist sought Your renewal as he remembered who you are, what You had done for him and what You had promised to do in the future.

Neutralize our fear of the thorns in our lives with Your grace.  Help us to see that Your grace is indeed sufficient to sustain and to heal us in any situation, whether we perceive it as good or bad.

Send us to this world where You have planted us to show Your grace as the healing power that it has been in us!


Forgive us, Lord, when all we see are the thorns on the plant and we don’t have the vision or patience to see the bloom that is patiently protected and strengthened by the thorn.

Open our eyes to see where You are longing for someone to go and be Your grace, love and mercy. Show us, O Lord! Help us not to be a thorn in that situation!

Remove our selfish bent, O God! Straighten us by the use of thorns, if necessary, that we may be useful to You. But, Lord, if the thorns are useful to help us to be more in Your will, then we submit to the thorn in Your will.


God, our Father, use the thorns in our lives to make Your grace known to us and to those who look to us and to those who look at us!

Reveal to us, as You revealed to the Apostle Paul, that You are greater that any thorn we may encounter and that Your grace in the thorny times is more than enough to get us through even while standing in the midst of the thorns.

Align our thoughts with Your thoughts, O God. We know Your word tells us that, “My thoughts are greater that your thoughts.” So, Father, allow Your grace to make known Your thoughts to us, even while we deal with the thorns of life.

Come, Father, live in us as we long to live in You. Your grace sustains the hope of becoming more like You as we live in that grace daily!

Enter into the thorns of our lives, O God. Remind us that You are more than any thorn that may come our way. Help us see the thorn as a way to Your grace. Lord, we submit in the midst of the thorns for Your grace!

The Path Continues…


6 thoughts on “Thorns for Grace…

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  2. 7 to 9 out of 10 children leaving the faith shows us we are like those among the thorns who are inadvertently raising and producing children that are on rocky ground. If there are no changes, their children will be like those along a hard path.

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