The Gift of Presence…

Maple Tree in meadow at Crossroads Conference Center, Amherst County, VA(an acrostic worship prayer)

Today, O Father, we come to worship and adore You above all that would clamor for our attention. We seek Your presence, Father.

Help us to bow down before You in humble, sacred praise and adoration. You, alone, are worthy of our praise, O God.

Effuse us with Your Spirit’s presence to the point that we would hear Your voice in the stillness of Your presence.

Go before, Lord, to show us the path You have for each of us to walk. We long to know Your presence goes before and with us as we walk daily.

Instill in us the “want to” to see where Your presence is working and is inviting us to come alongside and help to lead others to worship You.

Forgive our selfish thoughts of our own importance as we stand to worship You, O Lord. Help us to be more like the Publican than ourselves as we worship You, Father.

Take us, Father, take us into Your very Spirit and remold and remake us into instruments of Your presence in this world.

Open the eyes of our hearts, our minds, and our souls to see Your presence in the lives and faces of those we walk this sod with daily.

Forge us, by the fire of Your presence, into useful people for Your kingdom’s work, O Lord.

Prepare our hearts as we bow before You to rise with Your love, mercy and grace as we live among Your people in this world today.

Remind us, Father that you are God and we are not. Sometimes we supplant Your presence with our own self-importance, Father. Please forgive us.

Empty us of the ego that would say, “I am the greatest”, and fill us with the words of servant hood and, yes, even salve: slave for You, O God.

Send us from this intense experience of Your presence into the world that is longing for a real presence of Your kind. Even though the world looks in the wrong places for this presence, help us to be Your grace in that world.

Enter into Your world once again through us, Your children, O God. Open our ears to hear the cries of those who are lost without Your presence.

Negate our fear, Father, with Your perfect love and send us to those that You have appointed that we should share Your presence with today.

Collect our prayers and save them as You have told us in Your Word. May our prayers be a sweet savor as we pray in Your presence.

Eternal God, Holy Spirit, Saving Son, Abba Father, cover us with Your presence as we worship You today.

The Path Continues…


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