Memories of Presence…

Charlie Daniels-Foggy Morning

Memory, for me, is a gift from God. Sometimes, if we are honest, we would prefer not to remember certain things, or people for that matter.

Entering into our memory, we sometimes find things that make us sad, sometimes melancholy and sometimes joyful.

Most of my joyful memories revolve around the idea of presence. Presence, for me, is the idea of someone or something that has been in my life story.

Overcome with a sense of the presence of a person or the spirit of an event has the powerful effect of reliving the presence of the event or person.

Reliving the past experience is a result of memories, both good and bad.

In-filled with the presence of the event or person, we sometimes feel very close to it or them. We remember the presence.

Effective is the sense of presence, so much so that at times we are carried away deep into that presence.

Savoring the experience can result in memories beyond the initial memories of the experience. It is as if we can actually experience the event or person again in our memory.

Oftentimes, the felt presence can be overwhelming to the point of stillness and silence overcoming us.

Forsaking the un-settle-ness that that may bring, we relish the memory of the presence.

Presence, in the real sense to me as a child of God, means the very presence of God, Himself. He has promised in His Word that His very essence, His Presence will be with me forever.

Response to His presence is sometimes difficult. At times His presence brings a sense of peace and love. At other times it brings a sense of His disappointment in my life.

Enough to say that I’m not always eager to sense His presence because of the sin that is evident in my life. At those times, I want to hide from His presence, just like Adam and Eve hid in the Garden of Eden.

Sometimes the effect of the presence of God causes a sense of regret and at the same time, relief.

Even when the presence of God seems to be heavy in judgment, there is also a sense of the cleaning and forgiving essence of His presence.

Never alone, we are never alone. What a comforting, encouraging, and if we are truthful, frightening experience to be in His presence. This presence has promised to drive away all our fears. How releasing!!

Come quickly, Lord Jesus in all Your fullness and presence and fill us to overflowing, that we may be the instruments of sharing Your presence with this world.

Encourage us by Your presence, dear Father. Enliven our spirits to live in Your presence. May our presences bring a sense of You and your presence to each person we meet.

 The Path Continues…


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