The Love of God…

Gloria Scott-Sky-Sundog-Gladys Virginia

(a worship prayer)

Today, our Father, we gather to praise and worship You, O God, the only God of Love.

Hear our prayers as offerings of humble adoration from children who are seeking after their father, O God.

Encourage us through Your Holy Spirit guidance, comfort and challenge today, O God.

Light our paths with Your love, Father, as we see the world’s path lit with selfishness and pride.

Overturn our bent to sin against Your love, O God. Help us to know Your mercy and grace and extend it, through Your love, to those we would meet today.

Variegated, we are, Father, we are checkered and diverse in our living the life You have called us to, yet Your love still surrounds us.  Thank you, Lord.

Exhibit in us, for the whole world to see, Your love, Father, even in those times we have a less than loving expression on our faces. May the world see You through us!

Open us up to the world, Father. May it see Your love within and flowing through us. Help us not to isolate ourselves from what is happening in the places that You have called us to live and breathe and have our being.

Forgive our selfish hoarding of Your love, Father.  Help us to hear You saying to share Your love with everyone, everywhere.

Go with us, Father. We are so afraid at times of what the world thinks of us that we are frozen in fear. Help us to live in your words that tell us; “Your perfect love casts out all fear.”

Open our eyes anew today to the places and spaces that need just a glimpse of Your love in us. Open us, even to overflowing, Father, that Your love may abound to all.

Delight Yourself in Your children today, O Father! May we bring a sweet, sweet savor to Your nostrils as we lift our prayers, praise and worship to You just now.

In the name of the one who is Your love to this world, even Jesus, Your Son, we pray. Amen!

The Path Continues…


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