You, O God, Have Called…

Bennie Adams-Sunset-West Springfield, VAYielded, Father, we come to hear You, for You have called us into this place, with this people, at this time!  Sometimes we wonder why You would call us and why, knowing what yielded means, we would answer.

Out of our many times of being un-yielded, we stumble at hearing You call, Father. We wonder sometimes, “Does He really see and know us and yet He is calling?”

Unwilling, we must seem to even hear Your voice as we linger in our sin and pride, O God.

Overcome our stubbornness, Father, with Your overcoming love; a love that is grieved at our unwillingness to listen, yet, You still call.

Grant to us, God and Father the forgiveness we seek as we come before You today in some sense of worship.

Open our hearts, minds, and souls to Your will today, dear God. May we be willing to hear Your call anew today.

Delay Your judgment, Father. We, in our best moments, know that You desire what is best for us.  Help us to have more of those “best” moments with You.

Help, Lord! Sometimes that is the only word we can voice in this world in which we live.  You have promised to hear, even then, Father.

Attune our lives to Your calling, O God. Allow us to hear with new ears and feel with new hearts what You are calling us to.

Vain have been our attempts to stop going after the call of this world with its many voices. Help us to distinguish Your voice from all the other voices clamoring for our attention, Father.

Echo in our minds the sounds of Your call that we may never forget the sound and substance of Your voice, O God.

Continue to call, Father! Please! We beg You!

Align us anew, Father, with Your love that continues to call even when we turn away.

Lift us from the miry clay of this world’s calls and set us again on Your stable and strong way.

Lord, Father, God, we come yielded and still, at this moment at least. Speak that we may hear, call that we may follow.  We love You Lord! We thank You that You love us more than enough to keep calling.

Enter into our hearts today so that we may feel Your presence in the midst of your evident call to us.

Descend to us, O God that we may see, hear, and understand Your call to be more like you each day.

         In the name of the One who calls, even Jesus Christ, We pray!  Amen!

The Path Continues…


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