Advent-The How…

Bennie Adam-2

(An Acrostic Prayer)

Among the artificial busyness of our times, O Lord, we find ourselves caught up in the weariness of living in a world that does not know You.

Determined to find peace and rest, we have come into this house, this room, that is dedicated to You, O God, with hope and wonder at Your majesty.

Vicious is the circle we have found ourselves in, trying to please everyone and neglecting to please You, O Lord, with our lack of daily worship in the inner places of our hearts.

Enter in again, O God, as we worship in this season of Your birth here on earth—teach us again the ‘How’ of Your birth so we may live in the knowledge that You came to save us, even me!

Nothing on this earth can satisfy our longing soul and spirit like the realization that

 You loved us enough to come to us; thank You, Emanuel!

The wonder of the ‘How’ You came is fresh on our minds, yet the ‘Why’ is even more wonderful, O Lord.

The sounds and sights of recent days have called forth remembrances of days past when we worshiped You, O God.

Heaven has come to dwell with us; we are awed by Your presence, O God!

Eternal life You brought and have offered freely—help us to accept the gift of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amidst the gifts that we give to each other, may Your gift shine all the more brighter.

Holy God, we worship You: You who forgive our sin and cleanses us—we praise You, O God!

Out of our finiteness, we come to Your infiniteness to worship You in spirit and truth – accept our offering of ourselves today.

Wonder fills our hearts and minds as we see You afresh today and understand ‘How’ You came so humbly to us. We fall on our knees and cry, “Holy!” In Jesus’, Your Son, our Savior’s name, I pray.  Amen.

The Path Continues…


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