Thoughts on rest…

snowy bridge-Lauren Medina

Rest—a word so full, yet hard to explain.

Sometimes it means not laboring,

At other times, cessation of pain.

Still other times, rest is not welcomed.

Rest—for some is laborious,

It is not a welcomed thing.

Some cannot seem to stop all of their activity.

Rest is seen as merely an interruption, a nuisance.

Rest—the rest of which I speak,

Is a welcomed thing, when I am still.

This rest is in obedience to my God.

He calls me to come apart and to “be still and know” Him.

Rest—this coming apart, does not happen automatically.

I sometimes get so busy with things I deem important

That I lose sight of Him beckoning me to rest in Him.

I believe that is a form of disobedience to God.

Rest—is peace that God gives that says, “He can handle all the ‘things’ for a while, so relax.”

The more I think about this unwillingness to rest, the more I see my pride at work there.

I don’t want to be indispensable at work, at home, at church.

I sense a power struggle in this “resting” that is over who is in control—me or God.

Rest, then who do I rest for, for what do I seek in rest?

Maybe that’s the problem—I still want to “do” something, even in rest.

Talk about arrogance!

God forgive!

Rest—Your rest, O God, is a gift, I now can see.

I’m not to do anything except accept the gift.

O God, I thank You for every gift—especially the gift of Your Son,

In whom I can truly be still and know what Your rest is all about.

Rest—a time of spiritual cessation of labor,

A time to be rebuilt in God’s image,

By the builder Himself.

Rest, O my soul, for the Lord has dealt bountifully with you!!

 November 2, 1994

In these hectic days before and after the celebration of the birth of “The Savior,” He bids us rest in Him!

 The Path Continues…


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