Live by the Spirit…


(an acrostic worship prayer)

Loving and merciful, heavenly Father; creator and sustainer of the universe; we come to worship You today.

Inviting you, dear God, to cleanse us of those sinful desires and natures that we so often seek to gratify our wants.

Vexed, we are, by our lack of sensing Your Spirit’s call to us when we act so selfishly, Father.  Forgive us!

Encouraged by Your word today, Lord, we seek to be known by Your Spirit’s fruit in our lives.

Bookish, we seem at times, Father; knowing mentally what the fruit of Your Spirit in our lives should be, yet we fail to allow it to bloom in us.

Yielded, we want to be in our best thoughts of You, Father, yet our sinful natures rise up within us to challenge our willingness to yield.  Forgive us Lord.

Transform our sinful nature into Your Spirit’s fruit in the lives we want to live for You.

Help us be reminded that Your Spirit wants to manifest You in us so that this world may know You through us.

Early let turn to You, each day, that we may sense Your Spirit’s eagerness to bear Your fruit in us.

Strip us of our masks that we show to the world, that the world may see us as You see us, Father. May Your fruit be evident in us.

Preserve us, as a farmer would preserve his crop of fruit in order that it might provide sustenance for today and growth for tomorrow.

Involve us in the works of Your Spirit today and in the days ahead, Father.  May we, indeed, be useful to You.

Remind us, O God, that the will of our lives should be about You and not us.

Instill in us Your love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. May Your Spirit’s fruit be the essence of our lives.

Teach us to number our days, Lord, that we may be Your instruments to show Jesus, Your Son, to this world, in the power of Your Holy Spirit.

We pray with thanksgiving and praise to You, Father, in the name of Jesus.  Amen!

The Path Continues… 


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