Do Not Grow Weary…

IM000248.JPG(an acrostic prayer)

Dearest Father, we humbly come to this hour to present ourselves again as sinners in need of Your mercy.

Open us to the washing of Your grace, dear God, as You continue to gather us as a hen gathers her chicks.

No one among us is worthy to call upon Your name, Father, except through the sacrifice of Your Son.

Obstinate we are, Father. We are opinionated, unyielding, and inflexible at times. We feel adamant about our own goodness, Father. Please forgive us, Lord, as we have been too much like this world in which we live.

Tailor us to fit Your will instead of us wanting to tailor You to fit us, Father.

Grant to us the spirit to stay the course for You and not grow weary in doing Your will for Your sake, O God.

Recover us from the wreck we have made of our lives as a wrecker would recover a car that is off the road. We understand that recovery can be painful, Father, help us to grow in the process.

Once we are in the midst of Your growing process, help us to remain steadfast even when the world tells us we are stupid. O Lord, help us to grow to be more like You.

Weariness is such a human emotion, Father. Help us to remember that you are God and that You weary not.

Without Your constant grace among us, Father, we would be useless to ourselves and to Your will.

Elevate in us the vision to see where You are working and where You want us to come alongside and do You will.

Array us with Your Spirit’s clothing that is for Your kingdom’s work as we travel our path.  Help us to show your clothing to this world instead of wearing what the world offers.

Refinish our outward witness with the witness of Your word.  May we share the fruit of Your Spirit as we live on this earth, Father.

Yours is the honor and glory, O Father. As we worship, may we lead others in Your worship as we stand for You in these days!

In Jesus’ name we pray and believe. Amen!

The Path Continues…


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