Faithful Steward…

Gloria Scott-Swing in Snow-February 2014

(an acrostic prayer)

Faithful Father, God of all creation, Lord and Savior, we come to worship in the beauty of Your holiness.

Allow Your Holy Spirit to groan for us today, O God, for we are particularly needy today.  We admit our unfaithfulness to You, Father.

Instill in us, Your children, the need to hear You calling us to be faithful as You share Your will for us in this world, Father.

Teach us that faithfulness is Your only requirement for those whom You call; not success, not power, not prestige, but faithfulness, O God!

Hear our cry to You, Father. Hear the confession of our sins. Hear our hearts’ desire to be more like You! May Your faithfulness be our example, O God!

Forever You are faithful, Father. You have given us Your faithfulness in the form of Your son Jesus. May we approach Your throne of faithfulness through him today. Thank You, Father, for making a way for us.

Under Your wing of protection and grace we long to be, Father. We have gone our own way and we confess it was the wrong way. Gather us again, Father, into Your warm embrace.

Lead us to Your still waters today, Father. The rapids of this world have all but undone us. We long for Your peace, O God!


Save us from ourselves, dear God. We have been much less stewards of Your good gifts and much more consumers, Father. Forgive us, Lord!

Touch our pride and turn it into humility. Touch our wanting, wanting, wanting and turn it into giving, Lord. Touch us, O God, and remake us in Your will.

Eternal God, help us to again understand that everything we have has been given by You; our salvation, our material possessions, even our life’s breath. Forgive us for our sin of selfishness, Father.

Withdraw You hand of judgment, we pray, Father. Allow us to repent and return to Your way. We want to be good stewards, faithful stewards of Yours, O God.

Accept our prayer, O Lord, for truly we ask in humility and in the knowledge that You hear and will answer, in Your time.

Remove our stain of sin by the blood of Your son, Father, that we may be acceptable in Your sight today. May we be presentable as a faithful steward, O God.

Descend upon us, O God, in such a way today that Your faithfulness is in view that we may see You and become more faithful.

In the name of Your Son, the faithful one, we pray. Amen!

The Path Continues…


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