Forgive Us, Lord…

Randy Knepper-Atlanic Ocean Coastline-South Ponte Vedra, FL

(an acrostic prayer)

Forgiveness, Lord, we come today to worship You and to seek forgiveness from the only one who can forgive our sins.

Over and above all of our sins, Your Son, Jesus, stands ready and able to forgive, if we would only repent and ask of him.  Thank You, Lord!

Remove the unbelief, Father, that You couldn’t possibly love us enough to forgive us of the sins against You.

Guide us by Your Spirit, O God, that we may walk the road of repentance and once again find You waiting for us.

In Your word, Father, You tell us that Your Son has the power to forgive and to renew our relationship with You.  Thank You, Father for providing a way of returning in Your Son.

Vacant we feel when we come to our senses and realize we are sinners and are in need of Your forgiveness, Father. Fill our emptiness with You, Father.

Empty us of our pride, our selfishness, our me first attitude and fill us with Your humility, hospitality and love for us all, O God.


Undo our arrogance with Your patient love and forgiveness, Father. Help us to grow to become more like Jesus.

Save us from ourselves that we may be sent by You from this place into the world where You have called us to share Your Son, Father.


Lazy, that’s really the only word that fits, Father, we become lazy when we forget the call You have on our lives. Spur us from our “ease in Zion” to greater work for You in the here and now.

Ooze from us, Father, into the places of influence in which we live and work and rest today. May we allow You to flow out of us today and tomorrow.

Remove our independent spirit of going alone, Father.  Help us to join together with other children of Yours to accomplish great things for You today.

Distress us, Father, with the needs of those individuals who live with us, who live around us and who are brought to our attention today. May our distress over their needs become our action to help in Your name.

Thank You, O God, for loving us enough to forgive us in Jesus. Amen

The Path Continues…


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