Walk Beside Me Awhile

Thanks to Christine for this beautiful remembrance

Christine Composes

Take A Few Minutes to Listen

In the course of bustling around the hospital ward, Nurse Edith came past the room of an elderly lady who’d been in the hospital for a short time, recovering from surgery. The old dear was starting to shuffle around again; now she was standing in the doorway and called to Edith as she went past. With a cheerful smile Edith stopped to see if the lady needed anything.

“Isn’t there a television room at the end of the hall?” the old lady asked. “Would you help me to go there?”

“Sure I will. But it will be such a long walk for you, dear. Let me find a wheelchair and I’ll zip you down there in no time.” Edith looked around for a chair.

“Oh, you needn’t do that. The walk will do me good. Just take my arm and I’ll manage if we…

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2 thoughts on “Walk Beside Me Awhile

  1. Thanks for the reblog. I’m enjoying and also joining in with your heart-felt prayers. I’ve gone through some rough seas this past week, walking with others through with relationship issues, and feel a bit shell-shocked, so worshiping with others yesterday was a blessing.

    May I suggest you do your Archives as a drop-down rather than a long column (an option with this widget) and install a Recent Posts widget. It makes the blog more user-friendly.

    • Thanks for the encouragement. I have made your suggested changes. Thanks. I will be praying for you as you work your way through the rough seas. Just remember the wind will not always blow the seas into waves, but even if they do “the Master” can still you in the midst.

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