Sabbath Lord…

January 31 2014-Gloria Scott-Sunset-Gladys, VA

(an acrostic prayer)

Savior, Lord and Father of us all, we bow in prayer and worship. Thank You for meeting us here today.

Always You are waiting for us, Father. We come again on our Sabbath day to praise You.

Before this earth was formed and we were created, You, O Lord, were master and savior.

Begin in us a new realization of just who You are and who we are in Your will, Father.

Allow us to experience You again today as we worship.  May we see Your hand upon us, O God.

Take our lives and let them once again bring glory and honor to You, not only today but everyday that we live and in the influence that we leave when we die.

Hear our prayer, O Lord. As You lean toward us may we lean into You, dear God.


Lead us from the sinful ways we allow this world to be our chief influencer and lead us to allow You to be our only influence.

Open our eyes to see You more clearly, open our minds to know You more deeply and open our spirits to worship You more sincerely.

Return to Your rightful position, O Father, as lord of our lives and lord of us all, Your children.

Deepen our need for Your presence in our everyday lives, Father.  May we never forget that You are lord of all. 

In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

The Path Continues…

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