Strong Savior…

FBCS-March 2014-4
(an acrostic prayer)

Strong Savior, merciful Father, defender of the weak and God of us all, we come to worship You!

Tarry here with us, Lord, as we seek to know You more and to be in Your presence today.

Remind us again, Savior, of what we have been save from and what we have been saved to.

Open us up to Your will for our lives, strong Savior. Help us to see You in the work of Your kingdom today.

Nudge us from our comfortable-ness into the arena where real people are really lost and show us how to lead them to You, our Savior!

Grant that Your Spirit would stir us, Your people, that we might show Your love and care to all those You give us to meet.

Send us from this place to see the homeless, the proud, the rich, the poor, the educated and the uneducated who need You more than breath itself.

Assuage our thirst with the water of Your spirit and satisfy our hunger with the meat of Your word.

Visit us, strong Savior, with the knowledge that You know us and yet You still choose to love and save us.

Intercede, O Savior, with the Father on our behalf, lest we perish. Remember us, dear Lord.

Overturn our pride and unbelief and make us useful to You in Your will, today, dear God.

Remember us when You come into Your kingdom, dear Savior!

In the name of our strong Savior, we pray.  Amen!

The Path Continues…


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