Jesus, My Jesus…

Gloria Scott Sunset March 2013-Sunset

(an acrostic prayer)

Jehovah, Father God, Creator of us all, I come to worship You today and to praise You for Your incarnation; Your coming to me in Jesus, Your Son and my Savior.

Extraordinary, simply extraordinary, that You would come to Your creation to redeem and to recreate and to save. Thank You Jesus for saving me!

Surely You, Jesus, have borne my sorrows and shared my grief in Your death, burial and resurrection. I don’t fully comprehend Your love, but I want to love as You love!

Under the shadow of the cross I stand and in the light of the empty tomb, I seek to reflect Your love to my world, Jesus.

Shepherd me, Jesus, as You shepherded the disciples while You were physically here on earth. May I hear and respond to Your commands and point others to You.

Move me beyond the earthly comprehension of Your physical incarnation, to the real meaning of “Immanuel, God with us.” May others see Jesus living in me daily, not just during a season of the year.

You, Jesus, my Jesus, is who I long to share with this world. Help me to be to others as You have been to me.

Just as Your nail pierced hands show Your mercy to me, Jesus, help my hands to be full of mercy as I live the life You have planned for me.

Empty is the tomb where they laid You, Jesus! I see it and am amazed as the power to reverse the sting of death. I see You again, Jesus, beckoning me to follow You.

Send me, Jesus, to where the sting of sin has entered in to this life to bring death. Help me to show the emptiness of a life without You.

Use me, Jesus, to be a channel through which You flow to the world to cleanse, to heal, to show mercy and to show Your undying love.

Show me how to share You, Jesus, my Jesus, on this side of the cross and empty tomb. Help me to catch a glimpse of Your love that wants me to give myself away to others, just as You did for me.

           In the name of Jesus, my Jesus, I pray! Amen!

The Path Continues…


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