Majesty and Glory…

Charlie Daniels-Foggy Morning

(an acrostic prayer)

Merciful Father, provider of the grace in which we live our lives, we come to worship you today, in this hour and in this place.

Aspiring to me more like You, Father, we ask for Your forgiveness and seek Your mercy as our sins so easily beset us.

Jutting out from our lives, these sins cause us to stumble and fall and we realize that our sins also cause others to fall as well, Father. Please forgive us and help us to repent and sin no more.

Embolden us, when the temptation to sin comes, with the power of Your Word as Your Son was emboldened in the desert of his temptations, Father.

Sanctify us, Father, set us apart for Your good works. Show us the intended work for which we were created, even today.

Take from us the sorrow of our sins and replace it with the joy of Your salvation through Jesus Christ, Your son, Father.

Yielded, we want to be yielded to Your will, Father. The prideful temptation to be our own god is ever-present. Please forgive us!


Accept our humble acknowledgement that You, O Father, are God and we are not!

Neutralize our fear, Father, by Your ever-present love portrayed in Your Son for us. Your word tells us that Your perfect love casts out all fear. Help us believe, Father.

Disentangle us from our selfishness ad show us the meaning of real hospitality, Your hospitality, Father.


Gather us, once again, Father, into Your tender care. We are so easily scattered by the lusts of this world.

Laden us with the knowledge that You call us Your children for a reason, Father. Show us our purpose in Your plan.

Obscure the allures of this world, Father, with the light of Your presence. May we live in the light of Your presence and not in the world’s darkness.

Remember us, Father. We fear being forgotten because of our sin. O Father, help us not to forget You!

Yielded and still, Father, in this time of worship, we seek Your will today. All majesty and glory be to You, O God.

                                                  In Your majestic and glorious name we pray. Amen!

The Path Continues…


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