The Word of God…

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(an acrostic prayer)

Today, O God, we come to worship and to adore You our Father, our Savior and our Redeemer.

Hear us as we read and study the word you gave us, even in the form of Your Son as He came and lived among us.

Eternalize in us Your word, dear Father. May it sink deep into us as we worship and praise You today.


Without Your word hiding in our hearts, we would be blown about by the winds of this world’s word, dear God.

Open us to the realization that Your word is the only word that we need and can depend on for the living of these days, Father.

Rearrange our beliefs about Your word, Father, that we would remember that Your word is about You and not about a creed, a set of beliefs, or even a list of dos and don’ts. Help us to know Your word is about You and Your love for us.

Descend upon us in Your Holy Spirit to bring a new sense of You as we study and live Your word, dear God.


Operate in us, and through us, and with us to share Your word with this world in which we live, O God.

Forgive our fearfulness to offend with Your word, O God. Help us to share and allow You to convict and correct, in Your will.


Give us a spirit of hope in You through Your Son and in the power of Your Spirit today, dear Father.

Obfuscate Satan’s word with Your word, Father. May we hear clearly and respond to You as we know Your word today.

Deliver us from our sins and cleanse us that we may be found useful for the work of Your kingdom, even today, O God.

In the powerful name of Your word, even Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen!

The Path Continues…


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