The Name of the Lord…

Rocky Sunset-Shellie Ridenhour

(an acrostic prayer)

Tender Father, loving God and powerful Spirit, we come in adoration and praise to worship You, today.

Hear our prayer, O Lord, and forget not Your mercy as we seek forgiveness and cleansing from our unrighteousness.

Elevate our heads that we might, once again, keep our eyes on You and not this world’s allures.


Naked we stand before You, O God, clothed only in our sin. We seek new clothes at the mention of Your name, O Lord.

Accept our pleas for forgiveness and mercy as we call on Your name, Father.

Move us from calling on the name of this world and our own name to calling on Your name, Heavenly Father.

Enter into our lives anew today, O God. Make us come to reflect Your name and all that it means, to those we meet.


O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is Your name in all the earth. We come to praise Your name in worship today.

Forge in us the certain impression of who You are as you fire us in the oven of Your will.


Temper your judgment with the grace of Your Holy Spirit as You know us, O God.

Help us to be moldable into the people you want us to become. May we be known by Your name.

Enable us to stand before You, O God, as You cleanse us and show us where we are to go, what we are to do and to whom we are to go.


Lord, we ask you to listen as we beg for mercy and forgiveness. Listen to Your children praying, Father.

Open our eyes to see You in our times together, Father. May we shift our focus from ourselves to only You.

Rebrand us with the holiness of Your name and with the mercy of a loving father.

Display Your mercy, love and grace in us that this world may know that You are Lord of all.

                In the Name above all names we pray. Amen.

The Path Continues…


2 thoughts on “The Name of the Lord…

  1. I found this very inspiring — I guess because I’m feeling the need of forgiveness & cleansing today. I spent time Monday with an elderly relative and her attitudes are sometimes so out in left field. It wants to bog me down as she needs my help to get her affairs in (DIS-)order.

    For whatever reason, she made up her mind twenty-odd years ago to despise her four daughters and favor her two sons. Nothing the girls do is right–she has a long RECORD OF WRONGS. She’s carrying her spite to the point that she’s giving instruction in her will & living will (that I helped her with Monday) that the girls will not be notified if she’s sick or if she dies. They shall not be permitted to visit her in hospital or a care home.

    She doesn’t believe –in fact firmly refuses to consider — that there is a God of a life after death, so I can’t appeal to her with any Christian teaching.

    It seems you can’t “rub shoulders” with such spite and not be affected. I get impatient with her and it’s easy to share my frustrations with close friends, then I feel bad because, even though it’s true, it’s gossip and not useful knowledge to anyone. I’m sorry about the whole situation; I know the girls have tried and would like to be involved in their mother’s life, but her mind has been made up for the 15 years I’ve known her.

    So I need a special prayer like yours this morning.

  2. I will indeed be praying for you in this situation. Sometimes it is tough to be a real friend. I applaud you for listening. Just don’t let it put you in a place where you are adversely affected. Prayer is the only key, I believe. Thanks for reading!

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