O God, My God…


(an acrostic prayer)

 O God, my God, I come to worship You this day in the beauty of Your holiness and in the referential awe of who You are.

God, above all of the so-called gods in our lives, we come to confess You with our mouths and believe You with our minds and hold You near to our hearts as we praise You today.

Open our eyes, as we look around our world, that we may see You as You show us the path You have chosen for us today, O God.

Diffuse the doubt that Satan would plant in our minds with the truth of Your word that You have given to us in Your Son, Jesus.

Move us from our selfishness to Your outpouring love to each person You have created. May we see them as You see them.

You are the source of all our freedom, Father. Help us to live in Your high and holy name, O God.

Grant us Your spirit of forgiveness and grace that we should have as we see Your people and live among them in this world, Father.

O Strong God, help us, here in this place, to know and believe that You love us even more than we love ourselves. Sometimes we forget, O God. Please forgive.

Descend upon us today, in the power of Your Holy Spirit, as we worship, O God, our God.

In the power of Your Holy Spirit, we pray. Amen!


The Path Continues…



3 thoughts on “O God, My God…

  1. Hammond, your e-mails always bring comfort to me as I am facing many health issues and I thank you for taking the time to reach us.

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