The Lord’s Supper…


(an acrostic prayer)

Today, Father, we come to remember You and the sacrifice of Your Son for us. We humbly bow in Your presence, O God.

Hallowed be Your name, O Lord, as we come to worship You and to sup with You around this table of remembrance.

Enter into us, Father, to renew and to forgive. May we be reminded of Your love for us as we sing and pray and enter into Your word today.

Leaning into You, Father, we would ask for Your strength to stand against the wiles of Satan in this world today.

Open our minds to understand the meaning of having this meal of remembrance with You, Father, and these Your children.

Reveal to us the meaning of this bread and this cup. Help us to see You in these symbols of remembrance, O God.

Disjointed we feel at times, Father, when we come to Your table. Put us back together with Your mercy and grace, dear God.

Sacred, is this time with You, Father. May we understand all that the word means for us today.

Salve the wounds that this world has inflected on us, dear God. Help us to allow Your healing in our lives today.

Unequaled is Your touch on our lives, Father. Help us to distinguish Your love from this world’s so-called love.

Provoke us to love, Father, even as we remember Your love as we gather around this table today.

Prompt us to allow Your love to live through us to all who see us and know us, Father. May we allow You to answer their questions of why? who? How? and when?

Execute in us Your will for our lives. May we exhibit Your Son’s sacrifice for all to see, O God.

Return us to the path that You have for each of us as we remembered. May You forever reign as Lord and Savior in us, O God.

               We pray in the remembered Lord’s name, even Jesus. Amen!

The Path Continues…


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