Second Fiddling…

fiddle and bow

(an acrostic prayer)

Savior and Lord of all of us, master and creator, we come acknowledging today that You and You alone are the first of all else in our lives.

Encourage us by Your Word and by Your Holy Spirit, Father. May we know more about You and how to live in that knowledge for having been in this place today.

Come and rule over us as king and lord as we find our place in Your kingdom’s order and will today, O God.

Order us according to Your will and way, Father. May we “be” before we do, O Lord. We need Your leading and light to go before us as we walk with You.

Negate our feelings of superiority with Your grace and mercy, O Lord. Help us in humility to bow before Your presence today.

Defend us from the world’s spirit that encourages us to believe that we need no one else except ourselves as primary in our lives. Help us Lord, to know You as Lord of our lives and not ourselves.


Find us faithful, Father, as we seek to show You to this world. Give us courage to walk for You as king of our lives.

Instill in us the “want to” to allow You to lead us daily, O God. It is so hard to lean on our own wisdom, Father. Grant us Your will and wisdom today, O God.

Deliver us from our self-righteous spirits and arrogant words that hurt and divide Your children, dear Father.

Descend upon us in a way that we will know that You are Lord and Savior, O Lord. May we be still and know that You and You alone are God!

Lead us to the words, the thoughts, and the actions that will exhibit to this world that You are Lord of our lives, dear God.

Invite us, again, Father, to share in Your love and mercy and grace for this world. May we be channels through which You pour Yourself out for all peoples.

Nearer, still nearer, draw us to Yourself, not only in times of public worship, O God, but in those places where we work, places where we have our leisure, and places where we live our lives. O God, we love You, help us to show that wherever we find ourselves.

Guide us today, O God. May we submit to Your authority and love today. Thank you, Father for listening to Your children today.

         In the matchless name of our Lord and Savior, even Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen!

The Path Continues…

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