Fire of God…

Cindy Hennigh Photo

(an acrostic prayer)

Faithful Father, friend of the friendless, forever the same and yet very personal to each person, we come to worship You in the power of Your Spirit living within us.

Inspire us to know more of You today, that we may share more of who You are and what You want for each of us as we live our lives in Your grace and power, O God.

Reveal Yourself to us as You have revealed Yourself to past generations of those seeking You. May we see Your fire to purify, Your water to quench, Your air to refresh and Your spirit to renew, Father.

Enter into us to dwell with Your fire to show Your love to all Your peoples. May we, as You dwell in us, be used to share Jesus with all, even those who are not like us, O God.

Open the doors of our hearts, O God, that as You live in us, we may allow You to live through us to this world.

Forgive our lack of fire for Your world, Father. May we have the passion to tell others of Your love and the wherewithal to live Your love among them.

Gracious Father, accept our pleas and petitions today. May what we say, what we do and what we think be pleasing to You. Father, may we smell sweet to You, today.

Offering words of praise, intercession and prayer, we want to be humble offerings of worship at this time and in this space. Burn within, O God. May Your fire be the source of our lives.

Glory, honor, dominion, power and praise be forever Yours, O God, our rock and our defender.

    In the name of the fire that cleanses and purifies, even Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen!

The Path Continues…


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