In His Time…


(an acrostic prayer)

Into this place dedicated to the worship of the only true God and Father, we come.

Now is the time we seek, Father. This now time is what we want. Help us to seek Your time as Your children.

Here we are, Father, in our haste even now. Slow us down, O God, that we may live at Your speed and under Your direction.

Invited into Your space, Father, we wonder at times, if we really know and trust You to control our time. Help us to know You more today, Father.

Sometimes, Father, we wonder where You are and if You hear us when we pray. We are so impatient, Father. Help us to learn to live in Your time.

Time, the system by which we measure our minutes, days and years, is a simple yet complicated way to describe our lives, O God. Help us to rely on Your time instead of our measure of our time, Father. Teach us to number our days according to Your time.

Involve us in Your Holy time, O God. Make us to see You moving and using Your time to bring this world to You, Help us to be involved with You in Your time.

Move in and among us today, O God. Make us uncomfortable in our use of the time You give us, that we may be more useful in Your kingdom’s time, Father.

Empty us of the pride and arrogance that says this is our time to do as we please. May our eyes be opened to see You in Your time today as we worship.

           In the name of the giver and keeper of time, even Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen!

The Path Continues…


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