In The Beginning…

Gloria Scott Photo-Sunset Gladys VA Sept 2 2014

(an acrostic prayer)

Into Your house we have come once again, dear Father, to read Your story and to worship You as Lord of lords, and King of kings.

New hope swells up within us as we re-read Your love story to us, O God. Help us to allow Your Spirit to interpret Your word to us today.

Take us as we come, Father, deeper into Your very being as we bow today. Remind us of whose we are, O God.

Hear our prayer, O God. Receive us as we come as we share our intercessions, our petitions and our pleas for forgiveness. We need Your mercy, O Lord.

Empty our minds of the clutter of this world that we have allowed to gather that dims our view of You, dear Father.

Begin Your creative grace again in this world through us, O Lord. We need recreating in Your image, O God.

Engage us, once again, in the creative work of Your Kingdom in our world, by Your power, Father.

Grant us wisdom, grant us power, O Lord, that we might not fail to live in Your will today.

Invigorate us by the Power of Your Spirit, Father; individually and as Your people, to pursue Your peace among all peoples in Your will.

Negate our feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, with the reassurance of Your presence no matter what may come into our lives, Father.

Navigate us through, what we see as the dark paths of life, Father, with the certain knowledge that You know our path and are walking it with us and before us,

Instill in us the certainty that You are God and we are not!

Nearer to You, Father, we want to live in the nearness of Your love, joy, peace and forgiveness.

Go with us, Father, as we worship here and as we allow Your word to breathe new life into our troubles lives. Thank You, Father, for our story within Your story.

In the name of the author and finisher of our faith, even Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen!

The Path Continues…


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