Around Your Table…

Living Last Supper FBCSpringfield-1993

(an acrostic prayer)

Almighty and loving God, You who call us to Your supper and You who call us Your children, we long to fellowship with You today.

Receive our humble acceptance of Your call on us as we sup together and remember Your grace and mercy, Lord.

Occupy our thoughts, O God, as we move around Your table today. May we remember the depth of Your love portrayed in Your son.

Unchangeable You are, Lord. Help us to live in that assurance today, Father.

Necessary is this time to come aside and to be still and know who You are, O God. Instruct our silence before You, Father.

Display, once again, Father, Your love for us as we come together in remembrance. May our actions around Your table be symbols of our life lived for You.

Yearning to be more like You, Father, help us to live out Your love and Your compassion for this Your world.

Open the floodgates of Your presence on us as we wait before You today. May be we be seen as being present to You, O God.

Unfulfilled with the world’s presence, O God, we long to be filled with You today.

Remove the scales that we have allowed to be placed on our eyes and our hearts, O God. May we see with new eyes and feel with unhardened hearts today.

Table scraps is what we would dare to seek, yet You set us a banquet fit for a king in Your grace, Father.

Absurd we must seem to You as we say one thing and yet live another way in this world. Father, please forgive us!

Begging for forgiveness as we examine ourselves in the light of Your word, Father, we beg for Your mercy!

Lukewarm, we are at times about living for You, Father. We know what You have said about lukewarm-ness, Lord. Please, in Your mercy, don’t spew us out today.

Effect Your will in us today, O God, as we worship and remember.

         In the name of the one whose table at which we sit, even Jesus Christ our Lord, we pray. Amen

The Path Continues…


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