Holy Ground…

Chris Adams 1

(an acrostic prayer)

Here in this place with these Your children, we come to worship with praise, adoration and thanksgiving, dear Father.

Only let us see You today, O God. Shield our mind’s eye from the fantasies of this world, Father. We cannot hide our thoughts from You!

Layer our minds with thoughts of You, Father. Laminate our hearts with Your love and grace that we may be strong for You today.

Yielded and still, seeking thy will,” as the songwriter has graced us with these words, Lord, we wait in Your presence just now.

Give us strength, Father; physical, spiritual, emotional and relational strength today that we might reflect You to our world.

Round the rough edges of our lives, Lord, that we might not rub others in such a way that would turn them away from seeking You.

Overlay Your gracious love on us that the world may know You and not our ungraciousness, dear God!

Underpin our faulty foundations with the strength of Your word, that we might not crumble in the face of temptation, Father. Hold us up, Lord!

Nourish us on Your story today, Father. May we read, listen and hear You speaking to us in this hour. May we feed on Your word, Lord.

Deliver us from the evil one in this time, Lord. May we be present in body, mind and spirit as we worship You now.

In the name of the one who makes all ground holy with His presence, we pray. Amen

The Path Continues…


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